Myanmar Contemporary Art 1 is the first volume of a trilogy on contemporary Burmese art. Since 1885, when Burma fell under British colonial rule, the traditional practices of Burmese art were overshadowed by the influence of Western art trendsparticularly the traditions of academic painting and the Impressionist movement. This book records the progression of Burmese modern art after its encounter with Modernism, focusing on the influence of key individual artists. Democratic rule ended in 1962, and between 1974 and 1988, when Modernism was evolving to a Post-Modern world, Burma adopted a strict isolationist policy during which only three books on art were published: The Quest for Beauty by Paw Thit, From Tradition to Modern by Bagyi Aung Soe and Abstract Painting by Khin One. The end of the closed door policy in 1988 allowed for artists to gain perspective on the international art world and embrace new developments and media. Artists who worked outside the trajectory of Burmese modern art movements such as Lun Gywe, Maung Nyo Wing, Maung Maung Hla Myint and Tun Sein are also included in the book, as well as those who left to work in other countries (see the chapter "Some early practitioners"). This volume focuses on modern artists active from 1962 to 1988.  The next volume of Myanmar Contemporary Art will focus on the artists who came after 1988. 
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Myanmar Contemporary Art: Volume 1

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The Pre-Modernists

Origins of Modernism

Early Modernists


Exceptional Artists

Later Modernists

Gangaw Village Artists

Some Early Practitioners

Myanmar Contemporary Art 1
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Myanmar Contemporary Art 1

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