This book features the 27 young Korean artists who took part in the Nanji AIR (Artist-in-Residence) Program in 2009.   Included with the studio shots and photographs of each artist's work are essays by 27 curators/critics/art historians. In its third year, Nanji Art Studio provides a studio to an artist and well as providing programs that support creativity, interaction with curators and the local community. Most essays are only in Korean, but artists' biogaphies are in English and Korean. The Nanji Open Studio, a critical component of the Nanji AIR Program, is an opportunity for the artists to exhibit their work to the public. See also the small exhibition catalogue Seoul Nanji Art Studio catalogued in AAA. (EXS.KOR.NAP).
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Nanji Art Studio Air Project

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History and Functions of Art Studio - 2009 Nanji Air Project - CHOI Kwanho, 최관호
Kwon, Ki-Beom - KHO Chunghwan, 고충환
Keum, Hye-Won - LEE Youngjoon, 이영준
Kim, Byung-Joo - SHIM Sangyong, 심상용
Kim, Yun-Ah - KIM Jungrak, 김정락
Kim, Jae-Ok - JANG Minhan, 장민한
Kim, Hyung-Jin: Portraits of a Bitter Time that Framed Isolated People - HWANG Jungin, 황정인
The Painting and Object Work by Yooseul Rha - BAE Myungji, 배명지
Min, Jae-Young - KI Heykyung, 기혜경
Park, Nung-Saeng - GIM Jungi, 김준기
Park, Hye-Soo - KWON Youngjin, 권영진
Self-Portrait Becomes a Mirrir: Byen Ung-Pil's Passage to Conversation - JIN Whuiyeon, 진휘연
Sung, Yu-Jin - GIM Jonggil, 김종길
Oh, Sang-Taek - KIM Mijin, 김미진
Oh, You-Kyeong - HA Kyehoon, 하계훈
Lee, Kang-Won - KANG Sumi, 강수미
Lee, Moon-Ho - KIM Kyoungwoon, 김경운
Lee, Sang-Won - KIM Namin, 김남인
Lee, Seo-Joon - YOON Kyongman, 윤경만
Lee, Seung-Hyun - LEE Sunyoung, 이선영
Lee, Jang-Won - CHOI Taeman, 최태만
Lee, Jin-Hyeck - SHIN Seungoh, 신승오
Lee, Hyung-Wook - YU Jinsang, 유진상
Im, Sun-ly - KOH Wonseok, 고원석
Jang, Jae-Cheol - KIM Haekyung, 김혜경
Cho, Byung-Wang - PARK Youngtaik, 박영택
Nanji Air Project
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Nanji Air Project, 난지미술창작스튜디오 3기 입주작가

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