This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Neoteny Japan: Contemporary Artists after 1990's from Takahashi Collection' held in 6 different periods and venues: 18 Jul - 15 Sep 2008, Kirishima Open-Air Museum; 22 Nov 2008 - 25 Jan 2009, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo; 20 May - 15 Jul 2009, The Ueno Royal Museum; 21 Jul - 10 Sep 2009, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art; 19 Sep - 29 Nov 2009, Akita Museum of Modern Art; 13 Dec 2009 - 11 Feb 2010, Yonago City Museum of Art. The exhibition features over 30 artists from the collection of Ryutaro Takahashi.

'Neoteny' refers to the retention, in the adults of a species, of juvenile physical characteristics well into maturity. Psychiatrist Ryutaro Takahashi, who describes contemporary Japanese art as 'neoteny', is also an art collector whose vast collection, spanning 10 years of Japanese art, is featured here.

Includes essays by Ryutaro Takahashi and others. Artist biographies and list of exhibited artworks included.
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ネオテニー.ジャパンとは? - Ryutaro TAKAHASHI, 高橋龍太郎
展覧会出品作品 - Ryutaro TAKAHASHI, 高橋龍太郎
レピッシュなマーケットへ - Tamaki SAITO, 斎藤環
コレクター、その不穏と快楽 - Noi SAWARAGI, 椹木野衣
狂気の魔女、脆い僕 - PAN Kwanyi, 潘廣宜
高橋コレクションにみる90年代以降のジャパン.アート - Yayoi KOJIMA, 児島やよい
対談:小児的な全能感がアートの世界を全部支えている! - Ryutaro TAKAHASHI, 高橋龍太郎, Yuji YAMASHITA, 山下裕二
どうしてお医者さんはアートを買いたくなるのか - Emi IKEMATSU / Nameko SHINSAN, 池松江美 / 辛酸なめ子
ひとりのコレクターの意志ー高橋コレクション - Mayumi UCHIDA, 内田真由美
Neoteny Japan: Contemporary Artists after 1990's from Takahashi Collection
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Neoteny Japan: Contemporary Artists after 1990's from Takahashi Collection, ネオテニー.ジャパンー高橋コレクション