'In the perpetual quest for the new, the exciting and the innovative, the attention of the global art community has in recent years been more and more focused on the Middle East. Exhibitions and articles have highlighted a remarkable burst of creativity in the region, as Arab countries from Syria to Algeria, Egypt to Lebanon and Palestine to Saudi Arabia have launched some of the most fascinating artists in recent years. The conceptual playfulness of Hassan Khan, the charged paintings of Jeffar Khaldi, the organic sculptures of Diana Al-Hadid, and the moving photography of Yto Barrada have dazzled audiences with their variety, innovation and thoughtfulness. Until now, however, nobody has captured the vitality of the region’s art in a single book.

New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century offers the most comprehensive, scholarly and in-depth survey yet of what is happening at the cutting-edge of art in the Arab world. It begins with five groundbreaking essays that offer the best context to date for contemporary Arab production. Between them they discuss the critical issues of diaspora, globalization, identity and audience, and also explore the origins of the current boom in the political upheavals of the late 20th century.
These essays are then followed by some 90 superbly illustrated profiles of key artists, organizations and galleries. Mixing the well known (such as Mona Hatoum or Susan Hefuna) with the up and coming (for example, Steve Sabella or Mireille Astore) this section offers a vibrant perspective on the current state of Arab art. Exclusive interviews with artists and key curators give an unrivalled insight into the aims, ideas and inspirations of this new generation.' - from front flap

With a chronology of significant events in Arab art since 1900 and bibliography.

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Introduction - Nada SHABOUT, Salwa D. MIKDADI
Contemporaneity and the Arab World - Nada SHABOUT
New Trends in Arab Art: NGOs and the Public Sphere - Salwa D. MIKDADI
Collecting and Exhibiting Arab Art at the British Museum - Venetia PORTER
Imagined Geographies: Diaspora and Contemporary Arab Art - Sarah ROGERS
The Transformed Vernacular New Design Language - Tarek ATRISSI
Artists, Galleries and Organizations
New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century
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New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century

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