For the 2006 Intra Asia Network Workshop (hosted by Artist Forum International), art organizations from various parts of Asia were invited to take part in the workshop and to engage in dialogue concerning cultural exchange and public communication, with special focus on art residency programs. This publication consists of a collection of papers presented in the workshop (September 9-11, 2006). It also includes a list of artist-in-residence programs in Asia. See also Public Moment (2006) by AFI for a more general overview of events in 2006.
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Public Moment: Workshop 1

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Intra Asia Network Workshop
Why Intra Asia Network Workshop in Korea Now?

- SHIN Hyunjin, 신현진

2006 Intra Asia Network Workshop Final Report
2006 Intra Asia Network Workshop: Symposium
Below the Radar Screen: dynamic new artist led movements in Asia

- Margaret SHIU, 蕭麗虹, YAO Anne

Cultural Tourism & Cultural Exchange: some reasons to be travelers

- Penelope AITKEN

Roles of Artist Villages in Local Cultural Policies

- KIM Kyuwon

Making Culture Town: the Case Study of Changmoon Village for Culture and Farming

- PARK Sukyoon

New Ways of Engaging Asia: Artists' Mobility and Artist-in-Residencies
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New Ways of Engaging Asia: Artists' Mobility and Artist-in-Residencies, 아시아를 연결하는 새로운 방법들- 예술가의 이동과 거주 프로그램