Catalogue of the 2nd Nippon International Performance Art Festival held in Tokyo and Nagano, Japan in February 1995. With artists' CVs and brief statements about their works. A short report by Seiji Shimoda on a selection of performance art festivals around the world, and other artist writings are also included.
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The Various Ways of Organizing Art Festival - Seiji SHIMODA, 霜田誠二
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Performance Art - Wladyslaw KAZMIERCZAK
Sincere confrontation between body and material. The performance of Sho Kazakura. - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
Our life inexorably goes by. - Esther FERRER
'What's the significance? It's the sense sensually produced'. (Roland Barthes) - Giovanni FONTANA
Les Continents de la Parole. - Serge PEY
NIPAF'95: The 2nd Nippon (Japan, Tokyo-Nagano) International Performance Art Festival
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NIPAF'95: The 2nd Nippon (Japan, Tokyo-Nagano) International Performance Art Festival

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