Book published on the occasion of 'Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz', which was organised by C&G, the Artist-in-Residence of Asia Art Archive from January to May 2014. The quiz took place at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong on 17 May 2014.

'C&G searched for information on contemporary art in Hong Kong, digging not only into Asia Art Archive's collection, but also through other resources available in the city. A general knowledge quiz on contemporary and politics in Hong Kong marked the culmination of their research, and was brought to life by way of a live event during Art Basel in Hong Kong 2014. Four teams ('Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie', '4 Monkeys', 'Art Moustache' and 'PageNext') comprising of 23 artists, art professionals, and students "fought it out" as over 200 enthusiastic audience members cheered on. The video documentation of the art quiz is available online at Asia Art Archive's website.

A parody of the education and examination system in Hong Kong, the quiz encompassed question that no one textbook could cover — referencing trivia related to individuals, institutions, mathematics, and even international relations. The parody continues in this artist book as it covers the quiz's questions and answers, as well as C&G's interviews with various contestants, providing yet another "short-cut" to those who wish to enter Hong Kong's complex art ecology the "easy" way in the manner of a study guide.' - excerpted from the Preface

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About - Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz

Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz

Must Answer Questions

Rapid-Fire Questions

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Rapid-Fire Solutions


On Monitoring Public Art Institutions - Evelyn Char

Reflections on Themed Exhibitions - Halley Cheng

Dislocation and Experimental Photography - Martin Cheung

Listed Historical Architecture and its Adaptation for Art and Culture - Reds Cheung

From the Membership System of the Hong Kong Arts Centre to Post-97 Major Cultural Exchange Programmes - May Fung

International Art Fairs and their Relationship with Hong Kong Art - Hanison Lau

Local Platforms for Comics and the Structural Problems in Hong Kong's Cultural Environment - Law Man Lok

Brief Talk on the '90s - Mickey Lee

The Artist's Role in Social Movements and the '90s Art Scene - Momo Leung Mee Ping

From October Contemporary to Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival and the Hong Kong Art Market - Dora Tang

Young Artists Applying for Funding - Mak Ying Tung

Two Performance Artworks and the Younger Generation's View of Authority - Wong KY

From Self-Censorship to Truly Loving Hong Kong - Kacey Wong

Communication between Art Students in Hong Kong's Tertiary Education - Winnie Yan

Repeating Questions and the Possibility of Publishing an Art Magazine - G Yeung

A Dinner Gathering after an Exhibition Opening, C&G and Friends on the 'Art Triads'








關於監察公營藝術機構 - 查映嵐

對「大堆頭」式展覽的感想 - 鄭哈雷

《娜移》和實驗攝影 - 張震揚

有關古舊建築的藝術文化用途 - 張景威

從香港藝術中心的會員制度到九七後的大型文化交流活動 - 馮美華

國際藝術博覽會與香港藝術的關系 - 劉學成

本土漫畫發佈平台的發展和本港文化生態的結構性問題 - 羅文樂

淺談90年代的兩個藝術審查個案 - 李嘉傑

藝術家在社會運動的角色和90年代的藝術氛圍概略 - 梁美萍

由十月當代、民間藝穗節到香港藝術市場 - 鄧心怡

年輕藝術家申請資助的情況 - 麥影彤

有關兩位前輩的行為藝術作品和年輕一代對權威的看法 - 黃嘉瀛

由自我審查到真正愛港 - 黃國才

香港各大專院校藝術學生之交流 - 忻慧妍

重重覆覆的問題以及出版藝術雜誌的可能 - 楊天帥

一個展覽開幕後的飯局, C&G 與友好討論「藝術黑社會」

Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz
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Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz, 香港「床下底」藝術常識問答比賽

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