'Of the Presence of the Body gathers nine original essays by eminent scholars in the fields of dance and performance studies. Its focus is the historical, cultural and political contexts that inform choreographic and dance practices and critical readings of dance—in other words, how dance operates as critical discourse. The question that runs throughout the essays is the theoretical and political problem of “how dances come to be seen,” how the presence of the body leaves its mark on critical theories and performances.

Focusing exclusively on 20th century dance, the interdisciplinary perspectives range from history to race studies, deconstruction, Marxist theory, feminist theory, literary studies and feminist ethnography. The anthology provides an overview of the current methodologies and theoretical developments in the field of dance studies.' - excerpts from publisher's website

Includes biographies of contributors.
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Introduction: Presence and Body in Dance and Performance Theory - André LEPECKI

I. Genealogies of Presence

Trisha Brown's Orfeo: Two Takes on Double Endings - Peggy PHELAN

Genealogy and Dance History: Foucault, Rainer, Bausch, and de Keersmaeker - Ramsay BURT

II. Dancing Othering

Dance and its Others: Theory, State, Nation, and Socialism - Randy MARTIN

The Black Beat Made Visible: Hip Hop Dance and Body Power - Thomas F. DEFRANTZ

Danced Spirituals - Susan MANNING

Breast Milk is Sweet and Salty (A Choreography of Healing) - Barbara BROWNING

III. Ontology's Events

Given Movement: Dance and the Event - Mark FRANKO

Inscribing Dance - André LEPECKI

Embodying Transgression - Karmen MACKENDRICK

Of the Presence of the Body: Essays on Dance and Performance Theory
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Of the Presence of the Body: Essays on Dance and Performance Theory

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