Catalogue for group exhibition of the same title held at Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing from January to April 2014.

This large scale exhibition, which occupies all UCCA exhibition spaces, aims to offer a comprehensive survey of the generation of artists born after the death of Mao and the end of the Cultural Revolution, and grew up at the dawn of the country’s era of opening and reform. The exhibition features 50 commissioned works by 50 artists and artist groups.

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On Polyphony and Liminality

- BAO Dong, 鮑棟, SUN Dongdong, 孫冬冬

Art in Social Systems: Bao Dong and Sun Dongdong in Conversation with Wu Junyong, Li Liao, and Lee Fuchun
Acting as Artistic Practice: Su Wei in COnversation with Hu Xiangqian, Li Ran, and Yan Xing
From the Sensory to the Ideological: Sun Dongdong in Conversation with Li Shurui, Liang Yuanwei, and Xie Molin
Photography as Means/Medium: Bao Dong in Conversation with Chen Zhe and Ge Lei
The Subject of Viewpoints in Suspension: A Discussion on the Politics of ON | OFF: Pu Hong, Bao Dong, Sun Dongdong
ON | OFF: China's Young Artists in Concept and Practice
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ON | OFF: China's Young Artists in Concept and Practice, ON │ OFF: 中國年輕藝術家的觀念與實踐