'Visually arresting and symbolically rich, the phenomenon of truck decoration is one of the most distinguishing features of Pakistani culture. Considered much more than simply a means of transport, almost all trucks in Pakistan are extensively decorated with paintings, patterns, objects, calligraphy, and carvings to reflect the personalities and concerns of truck owners, drivers, and artists. A prominent part of everyday life, these moving artworks are an important form of expression and have been embraced as a powerful symbol of national identity.

'Lavishly illustrated throughout the author's own stunning photographs, On Wings of Diesel takes us on a mesmerising journey into the world of Pakistani truck decoration. Jamal J. Elias draws on years of extensive field research to offer a deeply insightful introduction to this intriguing decorative tradition and those involved in it. Examining the wider significance of the practice as well as the trucks themselves, Elias demonstrates how these artworks on wheels provide a unique window into Pakistan's complex society through which its art, culture, and religion can be explored in an exciting and highly original way.' (back cover)

Accompanied by over a hundred photographs, the text offers insight into the Pakistani culture by looking at trucks decorated by various truck owners. Examples of truck verses and a bibliography for further reading are also included. 
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Chapter headings

1. Beginnings

2. History of a Dystopic Utopia

3. Education and the Boundaries of Class

4. Trucks and Transportation

5. Trucks, Truckers, and Society

6. Truck Design and an Artisanal Trade

7. Structure, Motif, and Meaning

8. Religion, Identity, and Trucks

9. Meaning, Modernity, and Shifting Signifiers

10. Truck Design, Art, and Agency

On Wings of Diesel: Trucks, Identity and Culture in Pakistan
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On Wings of Diesel: Trucks, Identity and Culture in Pakistan