This is the catalogue for Xu Xi’s solo exhibition at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong in 2000. Xu Xi’s ink paintings are no traditional depictions of landscapes. His works are full of scenes from real life, such as street corners, markets, piers and ordinary people; they are human and urban landscapes. Neither do his techniques follow those applied in traditional ink painting of landscapes. In Xu Xi’s works, emphasis is placed in the contrast of light and dark in order to bring out the subjects. This publication presents some thirty paintings by Xu Xi, together with a few of his charcoal drawings. Biographical information of the artist and information regarding the seals he used are also provided.
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Introduction - Catherine KWAI, 季玉年
Discussion on the Landscapes of Xu Xi - JIA Fangzhou, 賈方舟
The Art of Xu Xi - Dennis WEPMAN
Paintings by Xu Xi
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Paintings by Xu Xi, 徐希繪畫

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