Para/Site Art Space was founded in Hong Kong in 1996, with an aim to establish and maintain a platform for artists and other art practitioners to realize their vision in relation with their immediate and extended communities. This book features a collection of essays about the art space. With a choronology of major events that took place at the space between 2001 and 2008.

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One people one story - MAN Ching Ying Phoebe, 文晶瑩

We've all grown up - LI Man Wai Tim, 李民偉

In the beginning - Jonathan THOMSON

Reflections on change in an artist run space - Brett JONES

Imbalanced infrastructure, imbalanced development: Exhibition curation in Hong Kong - HO Hing Kay Oscar, 何慶基

From a draft plan studying Para/Site Art Space in its past ten years from a political angle fo the forming of a critique of the parasitic ideology of de-politicalization in post 97 Hong Kong - LAU Kin Wah Jaspar, 劉建華

We grow young together in Para/Site - TSANG Tak Ping Kith, 曾德平

A site of re-collection - LAU Kin Wah Jaspar, 劉建華

Sefl fun: An exhibition operator's monologue - LEUNG Chin Fung Jeff, 梁展峰

How we solved one dilemma after another - Para/Site's management principles - MAN Ching Ying Phoebe, 文晶瑩

My Para/Site experience - WONG Kwok Choi Kacey, 黃國才

Roller-coastering - Tobias BERGER

Para/Site 1996-2008
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Para/Site 1996-2008

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Picks from the Collection

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