The catalogue contains two sections:

The first section is part two of the 'Performance Art in Xi'an' publication series which documents various performance art events in Xian: China/Japan Performance Art Exchange/2003, Healthy Dialect (2003), Xi'an Contemporary Art Festival (2003), Ancient City Walls of Xi'an and Nanjing (2003), Village Series (2003), Approaching to Peasant Painters (2004). Documentation of the above events are presented in form of photographs.

The second section is about the Xian Contemporary Easel Art Exhibition. Artists' biographies and their works are included together with reviews by critics on the show.
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A Li, 阿里

CAI Sha, 蔡沙

CAO Quantang, 曹全堂

CHEN Kexiong, 陳克雄

CHEN Tan, 陳坦

DONG Jun, 董均

FAN Hongyuan, 范洪源

FEI Xiaosheng, 費曉勝

FU Qiang, 傅強

Naoki FUJIWARA, 藤原直樹

GAO Fei, 高飛

GAO Muo, 高沫

GUAN Ge, 管戈

GUO Ling, 郭玲

HE Li, 何理

HU Yangzhi, 胡養志

Yoko IIDA, 飯田洋子

JI Shengli, 季勝利

JING Huifang, 荊惠芳

Osamu KURODA, 黒田オサム

LI Mengyuan, 李孟媛

LI Xiaoming, 李曉明

LI Yang, 李洋

LI Zhe, 李哲

LIU Xiangjie, 劉翔捷

LYU Sihai, 劉四海

MA Hua, 馬驊

PAN Xiaoling, 潘曉玲

QIANG Runwei, 強潤偉

QIAO Shengxu, 喬晟旭

QUAN Hongyi, 權弘毅

Yukio SAEGUSA, サエグサユキオ

SHAO Yanxin, 邵燕心

SHEN Facao, 沈發曹

SHEN Jingdong, 沈敬東

Seiji SHIMODA, 霜田誠二

SONG Houcheng, 宋厚成

SU Bin, 宿彬

SU Zhongqiu, 蘇中秋

WANG Hong, 王紅

WANG Hongyan, 王紅艷

WANG Jian, 王健

WANG Nailiang, 王乃良

WANG Yiqiong, 王軼瓊

WEI Pengpeng, 魏鵬鵬

WEN Song, 聞松

WEN Ya, 溫雅

XIANG Xishi, 相西石

YANG Bing, 楊兵

YANG Xuming, 楊緒明

YAO Songtao, 姚松濤

YE Shao, 葉少

YUAN Fenghui, 袁峰輝

YUAN Yi, 袁毅

YUE Luping, 岳路平

ZHANG Chu, 張楚

ZHANG Guangrong, 張光榮

ZHANG Tianli, 張田力

ZHANG Yiguo, 張一果

ZHAO Hong, 趙鴻

ZHAO Jufang, 趙菊芳

ZHOU Gongyuan, 周公遠

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Performance Art in Xi'an (Part 2): Perform Easel, Xian Contemporary Easel Art Exhibition
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Performance Art in Xi'an (Part 2): Perform Easel, Xian Contemporary Easel Art Exhibition, 西安行為: 從下到上, 西安當代架上藝術報告展

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