This publication is a collection of papers presented at the Performance Art Network Asia 2009 Symposium held at the Zeroone Design Center Theater, Seoul on 12 December 2009. Performance Art Network Asia (PAN ASIA) organizes an annual festival which includes performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops aimed at fostering intercultural exchange in performance art in East Asia.

Note: Another publication with location code EX.KOR.PAN contains the same content plus additional information on the event.
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The Beginning and Development of Performance Art in Korea in the 1980's - YOON Jinsup, 윤진섭

TUPADA: Tupada Action and Media Art (TAMA) - Ronaldo RUIZ

Performance Photography in China - SHU Yang, 舒陽

Is it Possible for Performance Artists to Stand on Their Own? - KIM Baekki

Performance Art in Asia, My Personal View Point - Seiji SHIMODA, 霜田誠二

Performance Art Network Asia 2009 Symposium
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Performance Art Network Asia 2009 Symposium

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The selected publications on this page present the varied ways artists, curators, and researchers experiment with performance. For some, performance is a way to defy the commodification of art, a physical intervention into dominant narratives, or an enactment that eludes state control. Performance may be a protest that takes place in the theatre, on the streets, in a café, or in a private setting. For others, it is experimentation with the form: a transformation, appropriation, or expansion of dance, theatre, and film.

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