Performance Art of Korea 1967-2007 showcases major works to review 40 years of performance art history in Korea. The exhibition is to show genealogy of performance art history of Korea, featuring over 100 works, starting from "A Plastic Umbrella and Candlelight"(1967) up to performance arts by various artists including Kim Ku-lim, Jung Kang-ja, Jung Chan-seung, Kang Kuk-jin, Paik Nam-june, Lee Kun-yong, Sung Neung-kyung, Yoon Jin-sup, Lee Bul, Jo Seub, Park Hye-sung, Ium, Koh Seung-wook and Nancy Lang.

A chronology of major performance works is provided in this catalgoue.

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Performance Art of Korea 1967-2007 - KIM Kyoungwoon, 김경운
Performance Art of Korea 1960-70 - KIM Mikyung, 김미경
The beginning and development of Performance art in Korea in the 1980's - YOON Jinsup, 윤진섭
Conceptual Elements of Performance Art after 1990's - YU Jinsang, 유진상
Performance Art of Korea 1967-2007
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Performance Art of Korea 1967-2007

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