Performance Paradigm is an interdisciplinary, refereed journal that reflects contemporary performance research across a range of cultures and contexts primarily in Asia and Australia. It is intended as a forum for Asian and Australian scholarship in the fields of live performance, dance, installation, hybrid performance, events and festivals, screen performance, ritual, multimedia and time based art and related areas. It is published annually in themed issues.

The theme of the present issue (Number 2, March 2006) is 'Japan After the 1960s: The Ends of the Avant-Garde'. It investigates the various “ends” of 1960s culture in Japan and the parallel, divergent, multiple outcomes of the 1960s avant-garde.

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Introduction: Japan After the 1960s: the Ends of the Avant-Garde - Peter ECKERSALL, Edward SCHEER
On Vernacular Theatre (translated by Yuji Sone) - Makoto SATO, 佐藤真
Performances of Masculinity in Angura Theatre: Suzuki Tadashi on the Actress and Sato Makoto's Abe Sada's Dogs - Yasuko IKEUCHI
Bursting Bodies of Thought: Artaud and Hijikata - Michael HORNBLOW
Ghosts of Premodernity: Butoh and the Avant-Garde - Shannon C. MOORE
Dancing the Elemental Body: Butoh and Body Weather: Interviews with Tanaka Min and Yumi Umiumare - Jonathan MARSHALL
Translation, Hybridity, and 'The Real Thing': Don Kenny's English Kyogen - Lisa KULY
The Spectacle of Woman in Japanese Underground Theatre Posters - Vera MACKIE
Off Museum! Performance Art that Turned the Street - Midori YOSHIMOTO, 由本みどり
Ruins of the Future: Yanobe Kenji Revisits Expo '70 - Gunhild BORGGREEN
Mapping/ Zapping 'J' Theatre at the Moment - Tadashi UCHINO, 內野儀
Book Reviews
Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shuji and Postwar Japan, Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei - M. Cody POULTON
Into Performance: Japanese Woman Artists in New York, Midori Yoshimoto - Mika EGLINTON
Alternatives: Debating Theatre Culture i the Age of Con-Fusion, Peter Eckersall, Uchino Tadashi and Moriyama Naoto - Yuji SONE
Event Reviews
Tradition and Innovation: Dance Hakushu 2005. August Twelfth Through Twenty-first, Body Weather Farm, Yamanashi, Japan. - Zack FULLER
Performance Paradigm, Number 2 (March 2006): Japan After the 1960s: The Ends of the Avant-Garde
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Performance Paradigm, Number 2 (March 2006): Japan After the 1960s: The Ends of the Avant-Garde