Philip Morris K.K. Art Award was established in 1995 for the purpose of discovering emerging talented artists and supporting their debuts on the world stage. The award has been given to ten artists every other year since 1996. The selected artists are given an opportunity of a group exhibition at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. This material accompanied the exhibition of the same title in Tokyo venue, which exhibited works of 57 artists who had passed the first screening. It consists of images of the artists’ works with short biographical information, messages for artists from eight prominent artists, and messages from the jury, with a foreword by James A. Scully. The list of the works and brief information of the 1996, 1998, 2000 awards are at the end. The winners of the 2002 award are informed in a supplement entitled ‘Philip Morris K.K. Art Award 2002: The First Move Exhibition.’
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Without Boudaries between the Self and Others - Mariko MORI, 森万里子

When New Talent Is Born - Yoshiharu FUKUHARA, 福原義春

Where Art Is Involved - Kazuyo SEJIMA, 妹島和世

The Reason for Being of Art - Takayo IIDA, 飯田高誉

To All Progressive Artists! - Yoko ONO, オノヨーコ

Just Stick to Your Style - Yayoi KUSAMA, 草間彌生

Dialog with the Unknown: To Young Artists - LEE Ufan, 이우환

Philip Morris K.K. Art Award 2002: the first move
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Philip Morris K.K. Art Award 2002: the first move