'Covering the period from the inception of photography to the present day, this is the first comprehensive account of photography in China to be published in English, illuminating in detail this previously neglected subject. Bringing together material held in museums, archives and private collections all over the world, Photography and China explores the long tradition of Chinese art and visual culture into which photography was initially absorbed and which it went on to expand in new directions.

Locating these images within their particular social and temporal contexts, Claire Roberts describes the varied purposes with which photographers in China created their work, which included the commercial, political, artistic and journalistic. This book places emphasis on the practitioners themselves and the images they created, which cover an astonishing array of subjects, from landscapes and rural scenes to propaganda and the documentation of social upheavals, and from the earliest self-portraiture to radical contemporary art practices.

This rich and evocative volume gathers over 130 images, many unfamiliar, to chronicle photography's relationship to this complex country, underlining the medium's status as both witness to and agent of historical change. Photography and China will appeal to anyone with an interest in photography and twentieth-century visual culture and is a significant contribution to the literature on Chinese art history.' (Front flap)

This book is part of a series titled Exposures, which explores the medium of photography from a range of thematic perspectives. With 131 illustrations, glossary of Chinese names and terms, bibliographical references and index.
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China Exposed
The True Record
China Modern
War and Propaganda
Reportage and New Wave
Performing into the Present
Photography and China
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Photography and China