The mission of positions: east asia cultures critique is to offer a forum of debate for all concerned with the social, intellectual, and political events unfolding in East Asia and within the Asian diaspora.

This speical issue was a result of an academic conference at the University of California, Irvine in October 1999. The selected essays articulate the discrepant, the non-normative, the traumatic, and the scandalous in the films' rendition of the Asia/Pacific.

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Guest Editors' Introduction - KIM Kyunghyun, 김경현, Esther C.M. YAU
Spectral Times: The Ghost Film as Historical Allegory - Bliss Cua LIM
Third Cinema in a Global Frame: Curacha, Yahoo!, and Manila by Night - Jonathan L. BELLER
Male Crisis in New Korean Cinema: Reading the Early Films of Park Kwang-su - KIM Kyunghyun, 김경현
Cinema Frames, Videoscapes, and Cyberspace: Exploring Shu Lea Cheang's Fresh Kill - Gina MARCHETTI
Queerscapes in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema - Helen Hoksze LEUNG
Claiming Sites of Independence: Articulating Hysteria in Pak Ch'ol-su's 301/302 - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫
Confronting Master Narratives: History As Vision in Miyazaki Hayao's Cinema of De-assurance - Susan J. NAPIER
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positions: east asia cultures critique (Vol.9, No.2; Fall 2001) -- special issue -- asia/pacific cinemas: a spectral surface