Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History brings together five essays by Dipesh Chakrabarty, a Bengali historian specialising in postcolonial theory and subaltern studies. This book belongs to the series of publication West Heavens: Readers of Current Indian Thought which coincides with the academic forum 'West Heavens: India-China Summit on Social Thought' presented by the 8th Shanghai Biennale, Institute of Visual Culture, China Academy of Art, and co-presented by Hanart TZ Gallery and Moonchu Foundation.

'The aim is to foster closer understanding of India through contemporary art and scholarship, and develop cross-cultural dialogue based on visual culture and notions of Asian modernity. Scholars represented in this series of Readers have been invited to lecture at the 2010 8th Shanghai Biennale and they have specially selected this anthology of representative writings to introduce their thinking to the Chinese public.' (excerpt from 'Passage to West Heavens' by Chang Tsongzung, p. 113)

Other books in the West Heavens: Readers of Current Indian Thought series are also available in the Archive. Please visit this page for more details. 

後殖民與歷史的詭計》結集了迪佩什. 查卡拉巴提五篇文章。「迪佩什. 查卡拉巴提是印度庶民研究的開創者之一、印度底層研究和後殖民理論研究的中堅。他對底層民眾的民主和法制進程尤為關注,認為需要把注意力集中在通過司法改革的法治建設上。」(書背)

從西天到中土:印度當代新思潮讀本》系列是「西天中土」項目出版計劃的第一組叢書,是專為「從西天到中土:印中社會思想對話」編輯的參考讀本。叢書旨在「從學術思想和當代藝術兩個角度去親近印度,進行視覺文化和亞洲現代性的文化比較。讀本中的學者於2010年秋的上海雙年展期間陸續來華演講;為了讓聽眾進一步了解他們的思想,每位學者為我們精挑了這個選集。」(摘錄自「緣起」,張頌仁文,p. 1)


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West Heavens: Readers of Current Indian Thought | 從西天到中土:印度新思潮讀本 | Hou zhi min yu li shi de gui ji: Di pei shen. Cha ka la ba ti du ben | Cong xi tian dao zhong tu: Yin du xin si chao du ben

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Introduction: India as Method/ 序: 作為方法的印度 - CHEN Kuanhsing, 陳光興

Belatedness as Possibility: Subaltern Histories, Once Again/ 作為機遇的滯後:庶民歷史再研究

Museums in Late Democracies/ 晚近民主制度中的博物館

Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Who Speaks for 'Indian' Pasts?/ 後殖民與歷史的詭計:誰可以為「印度」的過去說話?

Public Culture and the Future of History/ 公共文化與歷史的未來

Where Is the Now?/ 現在何在?

Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Dipesh Chakrabarty Reader
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Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History: Dipesh Chakrabarty Reader, 後殖民與歷史的詭計: 迪佩什. 查卡拉巴提讀本

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