'Psychoanalysis and the Image brings together an influential team of international scholars to use psychoanalytical resources in the study of international modern art and visual representation. Beginning with a substantial introduction by the editor, the volume covers a range of psychoanalytic concepts, including melancholia, trauma, sexuality, the dream, and femininity.' - from back cover.

This publication aims to bring forward methodologies of art history and put theoretical perspectives of histories of art in practical terms. It also advances close readings of artworks and visual representations and articulate such readings in psychoanalytic rhetoric. Some essays trace how psychoanalysis is informed by visual means and imaginaries, while some offer analyses of important artists. 

Includes a bibliography and an index.

Please note that only Asian artists who have been substantially discussed in the volume are indexed.
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New Interventions in Art History

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The Image in Psychoanalysis and the Archaeological Metaphor - Griselda POLLOCK
Dreaming Art - Mieke BAL
Fascinance and the Girl-to-m/Other Matrixial Feminine Difference - Bracha L. ETTINGER
Melancholia and Cezanne's Portraits: Faces beyond the Mirror - CHUN Youngpaik, 전영백
Yayoi Kusama between Abstraction and Pathology - Izumi NAKAJIMA, 中嶋泉
Diaspora without Resistance? Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's DICTEE and the Law of Genre - Karyn BALL
Psychoanalysis and the Image: Transdisciplinary Perspectives
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Psychoanalysis and the Image: Transdisciplinary Perspectives

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