In this book, Japan's avant-garde artists, their works and the historical environment in which they produced it during the 1950s and 1960s are discussed. The author argues that 'Many of the artists were radicals, rebelling against existing canons and established authority. Yet at the same time they were realists in choosing concrete materials, sounds, and themes from everyday life for their art and in gradually adopting tactics of protest or resistance through accommodation rather than confrontation.' The book 'is based on extensive archival research; numerous concerts, performances, and exhibits; and exclusive interviews with more than fifty leading choreographers, composers, painters, sculptors, and critics active in Japan's avant-garde community during those two innovative decades.' (front and back flap)
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Introduction: Postwar Vectors in the Japanese Nonverbal Arts
1 The Occupation and Modernity
Part One: Experimental Voyages: The 1950s
2 The Experimental Workshop
3 Avant-Garde Visual Culture: Local and Historical
4 Concrete Abstractions, Abstract Expressions
5 The Sogetsu Art Center: Avant-Garde Refinement
Part Two: Alternative Modernities in the 1960s: Locating the Everyday
6 Beyond Form and Formality
7 Events, Objects, and Concepts
8 Contemporary Art Music and Dance in the 1960s: Transcultural Idioms
9 The Monoha Moment
10 Art, Money, and Politics
11 Radicals and Realists
Radicals and Realists in the Japanese Nonverbal Arts: The Avant-Garde Rejection of Modernism
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Radicals and Realists in the Japanese Nonverbal Arts: The Avant-Garde Rejection of Modernism

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