rapt! 20 contemporary artists from Japan is a project designed to examine a number of approaches to a variety of features of Japanese contemporary culture, with an emphasis on how these are presented in art. To explore this objective, the projects is structured around four basic components: 1. Curatorial Exchange; 2. Thinking; 3. Artist-in-Residence; and 4. Exhibition.

Curators from Australia are invited to undertake contemporary art surveys in cities throughout Japan. Based on these surveys and related discussions, a group of Japanese artists were then invited to take part in the artist-in-residence programs in cities throughout Australia. The results of these programs were in turn staged at approximately ten sites in and around Melbourne.

The present catalogue focuses on the formative process involved in realizing the project. It includes five essays on the topic of Curatorial Exchange, proceedings of the Open Seminars, interviews with the three artists who participated in the Artist-in-Residence Program. Also featured in the catalogue are artworks and projects for the exhibitions in Australia and artist biographies.
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Curatorial Exchange
Rapt! as a Passage - Yukihiro HIRAYOSHI, 平芳幸浩
Bogan - Stuart KOOP
Isolation and Solidarity in the Immersive Age: Some Thoughts on Contemporary Japanese Society, Communication and Art - Shihoko IIDA, 飯田志保子
Prismatic Japan: Angles on Contemporary Art from Japan - Philip BROPHY
Open Seminar 01: The Present State of Youth Culture and Theoretical Discussions of Cities: from Street Culture to Urban Redevelopment in the Post-'80s
Open Seminar 02: In the Problem Really a Problem?
Open Seminar 03: Fiction and Reality in Contemporary Japanese Culture
Kimura Yuki in conversation with Max Delany
Takamine Tadasu in conversation with Steve Eland
Rapt! 20 Contemporary Artists from Japan
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Rapt! 20 Contemporary Artists from Japan