[Re-]Fabrication held at Para/Site Art Space in 2006 is part of a retrospective on Hong Kong artist Choi Yan-chi. Researched and curated by Linda Lai, [Re-]Fabrication presents Choi's reconstruction and adaptation of her former installation series – "Drowned" (1989-97) and "Past & Future" (1997-2000). One of the key performances in which Choi had participated, "Object-activity" (1989), will be re-interpreted in video form by a group of students from City University's School of Creative Media.

This catalogue surveys the meandering paths Choi has walked through: from painting to the deconstruction of the genre, from the play with material to installation, from photography and video to performace, from the quest for and burden of "Chinese-ness" to the struggle to move into conceptual art... The many trajectories mapped out in Choi's works and pursuits speak of not only the artist's soul-searching journey for integration and contextualization in her own art practices, but also, reflecxively, the many crises and opportunities emerging in the history of the visual arts in Hong Kong. The book provides documentation of Choi's works and writings by and about her, artist chronology, and a list of writings in progress.

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Prologue for Epilogue: entrapment, or rhizomes int he process of making - LAI Chiuhan Linda, 黎肖嫻

Fugitive Pieces - Matthew TURNER, 田邁修

The Choi-Yan-chi that I know - Kurt CHAN, 陳育強

Meeting Choi Yan-chi in Berlin - Beate RUSCH

Fullness Overrides Emptiness - CHEUNG Mei, 張薇

Installing Instability - LO Kwaicheung, 羅貴祥

The Story of the Rock - MA King Chu Ivy, 馬琼珠

[Re-] Fabrication: Choi Yan-chi's 30 years, paths of inter-disciplinarity in art
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[Re-] Fabrication: Choi Yan-chi's 30 Years, Paths of Inter-disciplinarity in Art, 又,物聚:蔡仞姿跨媒介創作鍊歷的三十年