'Re-Imagining Asia brings together a wide-ranging group of contemporary artists and thinkers who explore the cultural and artistic imagination of Asia. Beyond the often mythologized "idea" of Asia, the contributors investigate artistic heritage and political orientation, as well as the tensions between tradition and modernity. Through the visual image and the written word, they move towards a definition of Asian values — both aesthetic and intellectual.' (excerpt from back cover)

The exhibition this publication accompanies was held at the House of World Cultures, Berlin from March-May 2008, and at the New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall from February-May 2009. The section 'Background Notes' includes introductions to cultural initiatives in Asia, a listing of Asian blogs, other resource material, and exhibition and film checklists.  

Note: Only Asian artists are indexed.

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A Great Deal More but Nothing Much... - Shaheen MERALI

Tian'anmen Square: A Political History of Monuments - WU Hung, 巫鴻

Postcoloniality and the Artifice of History - Dipesh CHAKRABARTY

The Illusions and Antagonisms of Civilizational Exchange: Critical Reflections on Dismantling Asian Empires - Rustom BHARUCHA

Cultural Translation as Interpoetic Relation - Ming TIAMPO, 蔡宇鳴

Retrieving the Far West: Towards a Curatorial Representation of the House of Islam - Ranjit HOSKOTE

China, The Buddha, and Modern Aestheticism - Stanley ABE, 阿部賢次

Gay Citizens and the Singaporean State - Global Forces, Local Agencies, and Activism in an Asian Polity - Russell Hiangkhng HENG

Bringing It All Back Home: Asian Cinema, that is... - Philip CHEAH

People's Park - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Cartographic Necessities: Contemporary Practices and the Making of a Brave New World - Gayatri SINHA


Myself Mona Ahmed - Dayanita SINGH

Exhibition/Film Section

I) Love & Fantasy

II) Architecture & Mobility

III) Pleasure & Suffering

IV) Doubts within the System

Re-Imagining Asia: A Thousand Years of Separation
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Re-Imagining Asia: A Thousand Years of Separation

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