This catalogue is published in conjunction with the 9th Shanghai Biennale from October 2012 to March 2013. The Inter-City Pavilion Project is a collateral event that extends the reach of the Biennale into the historical parts of Shanghai. The idea behind the project is not to represent national identities but to relate Shanghai to 30 cities around the world. They include: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Auckland, Bandung, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Brooklyn, Daejeon, Dakar, Detroit, Diankou, Dusseldorf, Istanbul, Lille Métropole, Lima, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, Palermo, Pittsburgh, Rhônes-Alpes/Lyon, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sendai, Tehran, Ulan Bator, and Vancouver. Davide Quadrio, Manager of the Inter-City Pavilion Project, explains that it 'focuses on the interesting connections and energy exchanges between people and cultures that, in today's globalized world, are more likely to be identified within local communities rather than within national contexts'.

Note: Only Asian artists are listed in the field 'Artists'. Curators of individual city pavilions are not listed in the field 'Curators'.
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Chong xin fa dian: di jiu jie shang hai shuang nian zhan DS du shi guan

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Notes on the Map of the City - QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑

Cities to Remember, the Inter-City Pavilion Project: A New Future for the Shanghai Biennale - Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆

T.A.R. (Temporary Autonomous Research) - Henk SLAGER

50 Days at Sea - Philippe PIROTTE

Auckland Station — Destinies Lost and Found - Vincent WARD

Exquisite Corpses and Other Memories of the Twentieth Century - Agung HUJATNIKAJENNONG

Proposal for a Guide to Miralda's Twin Taste & Tongues - Julia Morandeira ARRIZABALAGA

The International Ghost 1: Richard Paulick - Peter ANDERS

The Bogotá Chinatown - Juan A. GAITAN

Just Sing as You Want - Colleen GRENNAN

REdevelopment, it just repeats development - GIM Jungi, 김준기

Boulevard du Centenaire - Koyo KOUOH

Boulevard du Centenaire Made in China - Kane SY

Voice of the City - Rebecca MAZZEI

The Society - QIU Zhefeng, 裘浙鋒

Morphing - Beate REIFENSCHEID

A Twist in the Untimely - Defne AYAS, Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆

Imaginarium: Creative Industries Laboratory - Pierre GINER

All the Republic in One - José-Carlos MARIATEGUI, Jorge VILLACORTA

Los Angeles Pavilion - Walead BESHTY

The Mongolian Plot - Magali ARRIOLA

Haunted Moscow - Nikolai MOLOK

On Mumbai

Energy Plus - Diana CAMPBELL, Susan HAPGOOD

Palermo Felicissima - Laura BARRECA, Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆

The Lovasik Estate Sale - Chelsea HAINES

Combas/Desgrandchamps - Thierry RASPAIL

Rhônes-Alpes Region/Lyon

Portable Holes - Chris FITZPATRICK

The Street Pavilion - Adriano PEDROSA

Naked Eyes - the Habitat of Images - Kenji KAI, 甲斐賢治

The Floating Eye - Aaron SEETO

Point - Behnam KAMRANI

Point - Nina MOADDEL

In Transition: Mobile Homes and Art of Mongolia Today

- Uranchimeg Tsultemin

Brian Jungen - Daina AUGAITIS

Reactivation: 9th Shanghai Biennale: DS Inter-city Pavilion Project
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Reactivation: 9th Shanghai Biennale: DS Inter-city Pavilion Project, 重新發電:第九屆上海雙年展 DS 都市館