Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha' at Blum & Poe, Los Angeles from February to April 2012.

'This exhibition examines the postwar Japanese artistic phenomenon Mono-ha (School of Things), following the solo exhibition of Mono-ha's key ideologue, Lee Ufan at the gallery in January 2010. Representing an important art historical turning point, "Requiem for the Sun" refers to the attitude of aesthetic detachment and renewal of matter in response to the immanent loss of the object as a sun in Japanese postwar art practice.

Mono-ha's primary tenet explores the encounter between natural and industrial objects, such as glass, stones, steel plates, wood, cotton, light bulbs, leather, oil, wire and Japanese paper, in and of themselves arranged directly on the floor or in an outdoor field. Evident in their works is a tendency based not on the art historical recuperation of objects, but on maintaining an affective relationship between works and our surrounding environment.' - from publisher's website

Includes an essay by Mika Yoshitake, and key artist writings translated into English for the first time with Reiko Tomii as translation consultant. With artists biographies and selected bibliography.
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Mono-ha: Living Structures - Mika YOSHITAKE

On 'Mono-ha' (1978) - Toshiaki MINEMURA, 峰村敏明

Voices of Emerging Artists: 'Mono Opens a New World' (1970): Roundtable Discussion by Susumu Koshimizu, Lee Ufan, Katsuhiko Narita, Nobuo Sekine, Kishio Suga, and Katsuro Yoshida

The World of Shigusa: Participating in Trends in Contemporary Art at Kyoto's National Museum of Modern Art (1969) - LEE Ufan, 이우환

The Start of Disappearance: As Things Deny Things (1969) - Kishio SUGA, 菅木志雄

Comments for August 1970: Aspects of New Japanese Art (1970) - Jiro TAKAMATSU, 高松次郎

Commentary on Cover Artwork (1970) - Jiro TAKAMATSU, 高松次郎

That which Opposes Front and Back - Jiro TAKAMATSU, 高松次郎

Relationship with Things (1971) - Noboru TAKAYAMA, 高山登

Origins of Creation (1972) - Koji ENOKURA, 榎倉康二

Proposal for Restoring 'Art Intuition' (1982) - Shingo HONDA, 本田真吾

Recent Thoughts (1987) - Noriyuki HARAGUCHI, 原口典之

Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha
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Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha