This book provides theoretical and practical resources for teachers and students, including educators' perspectives on contemporary art, multicultural education, and teaching in today's classroom; writings on over 50 contemporary artists and images of their works; as well as lesson plans for using art to explore topical issues such as activism and democracy, conflict: local and global, and history and historicism. A collaboration of over one hundred artists, writers, curators, and educators from in and around the contemporary art world, this book offers materials that challenge the normative practices of arts education and traditional art history. It builds upon the pedagogy of the original volume Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education to present new possibilities and modes of understanding art, culture, and their relationships to students and ourselves.
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Introduction - Eungie JOO, 주은지

PartⅠ: On Education

Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education - Zoya KOCUR, Susan CAHAN

Futures for the American Classroom: Where Do We Go From Here? - Chitra GANESH

What's in It for Me?: Radical Common Sense in Art and Education - Lan TUAZON

Manuscript for: A Proposition by Kara Walker: The object of Painting is the subjugated Body. The Painter is the colonizing entity. How do Paintings understand the concept of liberty? And who will teach them?

Networked Equality: Technology and Access: A discussion between Omar Wasow and Ethan Zuckerman moderated by Brian Sholis

PartⅡ: On Artists

PartⅢ: Artists' Works

PartⅣ: Integrating Curriculum

Introduction - Jenny HAM-ROBERTS, Joseph KEEHN II

Chapter 1 Negotiating Space/ Negotiating Self

Lesson 1 Function and the Ins and Outs of Space

Lesson 2 Spaces of Transition and Traces of History on the Present

Lesson 3 Class and Unequal Development: Rights versus Privileges

Lesson 4 Pounding the Pavement: Sightings of Public Art and Interventions

Lesson 5 Leisure versus Loiter and How the Citizen became a Customer

Lesson 6 Hey You, There! Space Invaders, the Invisible Enemy

Lesson 7 Getting to Know You: Publicity of Private Narratives

Lesson 8 Dominant Spaces and their Symbolic Destruction

Lesson 9 Other Topias of Possibility: Designing Desire for the Future Part 1

Lesson 10 Other Topias of Possibility: Designing Desire for the Future Part 2

Chapther 2 Activism and Democracy - Joseph KEEHN II

Lesson 1 Citizenship: What does it mean to be a 'Citizen'?

Lesson 2 Breaking the Nostalgic Distancing of Past Movements

Lesson 3 Questioning Hegemony: Challenging the Status Quo

Lesson 4 Not All Members: Pluralizing the Uniformity of Voices

Lesson 5 Building Citizenship: Replacing Catharsis with Direct Involvement

Lesson 6 The Vernacular: Ownership, Authorship, and Censorship

Lesson 7 Active Integration: Changing Political Agendas

Lesson 8 Imaginary Interventions

Chapter 3 Commodities, Exchange, Waste and Obsolescence - Lan TUAZON

Lesson 1 How the Ritual and Relic Renders the (In)equality of Objects

Lesson 2 The Hidden Economy of Art and Antiquities

Lesson 3 Commodities and Circulation and Art of Service

Lesson 4 Exchange Rates and the Reevaluation of Ownership

Lesson 5 Obsolescence and the Wastebasket of History

Lesson 6 Making Something out of Nothing: Waste and the Value of Artisitic Labor

Chapther 4 Conflict: Local and Global - Yvonne OLIVAS

Lesson 1 Relating: The Role of Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Performativity

Lesson 2 Reflection and Noise: Journaling Clashes and Quiet Moments

Lesson 3 Engaging the Local Community

Lesson 4 Assembly: Past and Present

Chapter 5 History and Historicism - Avril SERGEON, Dina WEISS

Lesson 1 Facts and Fiction: A Constructed Connection

Lesson 2 Cross-Fertilization: Art, Craft, and Community

Lesson 3 Disrupting Convention: The Uncommissioned Portrait

Lesson 4 Authorship and Ownership: Understanding Heritage

Lesson 5 Place and Circumstance

Lesson 7 Re-enactments: New Insights on the Past

Lesson 8 The Archive as Artistic Practice

Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education
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Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education

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