China Tracy is Cao Fei's avatar in the three-dimensional online virtual world called Second Life (  'China Tracy is a doer, experiencer, documenter, discoverer and creator in a new world where "I" and my like-minded friends in the online communtiy will conduct research and curate exhibitions on such topics as artistic ecology, community models and the economical viability of Second Life, as well as exploring the interaction between the real and virtual worlds.' - Cao Fei.

The present publication on RMB City includes writings by China Tracy, RMB City Manifesto, and RMB City Development Instruction.

*Please note that a supplementary sheet of stickers is kept in Cao Fei's Individual File.


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Cyber Citizen: China Tracy - CAO Fei, 曹斐
Here Comes Metaverse: A New Existential Manifesto - ZHANG Anding, 張安定
The Weight of the Unbearable Lightness in Reality: A Conversation on Skype about RMB City Between Jiang Jun and Hu Fang
The Second Life of Cao Fei - Wagner James AU
RMB City - Cao Fei: SL Avatar: China Tracy
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RMB City - Cao Fei: SL Avatar: China Tracy, 人民城寨 - 曹斐: 第二人生化身: 中國. 翠西