Roppongi Crossing is a series of exhibitions produced by the Mori Art Museum to introduce Japanese creative talents working in a wide range of genres. The first in the series was held in 2004 – and is to this day used as a reference point for contemporary Japanese art scene. Starting from a fundamental question – 'Can there be art?' -, Roppongi Crossing 2010 highlights the ambitious and dynamic artists who are today actively turning the pages of Japanese art history. Coordinated by three curators, the exhibition represents a 'crossing' of diverse output – photography, sculpture, installation, video, graffiti, performance and so on – by 20 artists and units ranging from up-and-coming stars to veterans.

The title 'Can there be art?' is a reference to the words of the late artist Teiji Furuhashi of Dumb Type, who is known to have asked this question in the aftermath of the collapse of Japan's bubble economy in 1990s.  This old-yet-new question inquires whether art can exist outside of the art world’s confines, away from the society in general, and as such provides a starting point for this exhibition to re-examine the essence and potential of Japnaese art and to seek the directiron of its future development at a time when the world is at the midst of global economic crisis and environmental problems.  

The present catalogue includes introductions to the exhibited works, plates of works, and artist biographies. 

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In 2010: Can There Be Art? - Kenichi KONDO, 近藤健一
Art as Possibility - Kenji KUBOTA, 窪田研二
Notes on Roppongi Crossing 2010 - Chieko KINOSHITA, 木ノ下智恵子
Roppongi Crossing 2010: Can There Be Art?
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Roppongi Crossing 2010: Can There Be Art?, 六本木クロッシング2010展:芸術は可能か?