'Frontiers considers limits, edges, borders and margins of all kinds as the sites for declarations, occasions for conversation, arguments, debates, recounting and reflection. Our book suggests that you consider the frontier as the skin of our time and our world, and we invite you to get under the skin of contemporary experience in order to generate a series of crucial (and frequently unsettling) narrative and analytical possibilities.

For us, the frontier is a threshold waiting to be crossed, a space rife with the seductive aura of transgression. We are not talking only of actual, physical borders (though of course we are interested in literal and political borders) that are usually the residues of war, but also of the borders between different temporal registers, between languages, between different modes of action, between different bodies of thought and conviction, between the exception and the rule. Looked at this way, a border is more than a constellation of fixed markers circumscribing a domain.' - extracted from the Sarai website

Sarai Reader 07: Frontiers is part of the 'Documenta 12 Magazines Project'. It includes a 7-page photologue by South African artist Ruth Sacks about the 52nd Venice Biennale, Luanda Tiennial 2005 and Turin's inaugural triennial in 2005.

Note: This text is available at http://www.sarai.net/publications/readers/07-frontiers in PDF format.

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Frontier Scouts and Border Crossers

Up Close and Impersonal

Scaling Walls, Breaking Fences, Crossing Gates

New Cartographies/Old Boundaries

The Edge of the Frame

Texts and Margins

Between, Across, Below, Within, Outside

The Urban Frontier


Sarai Reader 07: Frontiers
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Sarai Reader 07: Frontiers

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