'Self/Image explores the ways in which contemporary artists have deployed new technologies of representation, from analogue photography to more recent artistic practices including digital imaging, performance, robotics, film and video installations, to explore and articulate shifting modes of subjectivity. This book is one of the first full-length studies to investigate the complex intersubjective relations among these diverse artistic practices.

Amelia Jones argues that issues of aesthetics and the self are not esoteric or limited exclusively to art history, but connect with the most pressing political questions of meaning and cultural value in industrial and post-industrial global capitalism.

Including over 100 illustrations from mainstream film to independent film, video art, performance and the visual arts, this important and original book provides an excellent companion to more general studies of contemporary art history, and media and cultural studies in the post-1960 period.' - from back cover.

Includes a short biography of the author.
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Amelia JONES

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1. The Body and/in Representation
BREAK: Hoc est Coprpus Meum redux
2. 'Beneath this Mask Another Mask' (Analogue and Digital Photography)
BREAK: 'No Movies' ... (No) Bodies, (No) Cities
3. Post(Urban) Self Image (The City)
BREAK: 'Your greatest creation is the life you lead'
4. Cinematic Self Imaging and the Televisual Body (Cinema, Video, Digital Video)
BREAK: 'Happiness is over-rated'
5. The Body is not Obsolete (Robotics)
BREAK: 'Desire and Action, Digital Era'
6. The Televisual Architecture of the Dream Body (Video and Digital Video Installation)
Epilogue: Bob Flanagan's Corpse and the Limits of Representation
Self/Image: Technology, Representation and the Contemporary Subject
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Self/Image: Technology, Representation and the Contemporary Subject

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