Catalogue for Lucia Cheung’s exhibition at Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong in 1992. The paintings presented in this show are landscapes done between 1989 and 1992. Chang Tsong-zung writes, ‘In the “Song Offerings” paintings she has reached a maturity hitherto unknown in her work, as though her tribulation has occasioned an essential change of quality in her art. One senses a deeper, stronger character emerging from the paintings. For many years, Lucia worked in the shadow of Yang Shanshen of the Lingnan School. Her paintings were dreamy and misty, like sweet dreams constructed upon a fragile frame. The new ink landscapes are still misty, but darker and stronger. Washes of ink saturate the landscape with the damp air so essential to vegetal life. Even the fragments of nature, such as an ordinary corner of a hill slope, promise rich greenery and shelter. A tenacious strength has replaced the previous languid dreaminess. Her new landscapes are no longer distant hideaways but dark presences of nature’s life force.’ A brief biography of the artist is provided.

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Song Offerings: Works by Lucia Cheung
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Song Offerings: Works by Lucia Cheung, 禮樂風景: 張雅燕畫選