This publication accompanies the exhibition 'Samson Young: Songs for Disaster Relief', 13 May–26 November 2017, co-presented by M+, West Kowloon Cultural District and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council as a collateral event of the 57th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2017.

'Conceived by local artist Samson Young specifically for the exhibition, Songs for Disaster Relief is a new body of work that consists of a series of drawings, objects, videos, spatial sound installations and site-specific pieces. Together the series constitutes a unique audio-visual experience, taking visitors on a journey that attempts to reexamine the popularity of "charity singles" from the 1980s. Through a deliberate repurposing and creative misreading of iconic songs made by popular artists for charitable causes, the work draws on several seemingly unrelated past and current events to explore the social, political, and philosophical implications of "charity singles" in a cross-cultural context.' - from the West Kowloon Cultural District website

Documentation of previous works and artist biography provided at the end of the book.

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Text / 文字

2. Introduction: Failed Aspiration / 引言——落空的抱負

- Doryun CHONG, 정도련

3. The Sound Canon of Samson Young  / 楊家輝的迴旋曲


4. Yellow in C Major - Samson Young's Perceptual Cutting / 黃色的C大調——論楊家輝的感知切割

- LEUNG Poshan Anthony, 梁寶山

5. Knowing the Unknown: Samson Young's Artistic Practice / 知所未知——楊家輝的藝術實踐


- KWOK Ying, 郭瑛

6. A Conversation with Samson Young / 與楊家輝對話


- KWOK Ying, 郭瑛, Sonia SO, 蘇婷婷

Images / 圖像


Softer Landings: An Introduction


Softer Landings I. (Cultural) Politics

7. Lest I Forget Who I Am to ___.

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝

8. Decay, Resonance, Auditory Space: Sonic Materiality and Culture

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝

9. The Possibility of Authenticity: Sounding the Socialist China in the Buddha Machine

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝

10. Samson Young: Hong Kong's Contemporary Music Scene / Unseen

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝, KUNG Chishing, 龔志成

Softer Landings II. Snapshots

11. Phonography: Samson Young's Sonic Art

- Christoph COX

12. Transcript of a Presentation at the Asia Art Archive in America

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝, Jane DEBEVOISE, 杜柏貞

13. Samson Young's Divided Attention

- YEUNG Yang, 楊陽

Softer Landings III. Soundmarks

14. On Drawing Sound

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝

15. Front and Voice, Two Sides of History - Samson Young's Field Exploration of the Sound of World War II

- LEUNG Poshan Anthony, 梁寶山

16. Sketching the Sound of Landscape

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝, Andras SZANTO

17. These Bells Have Changed Me In Fundamental Ways

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝, Andras SZANTO

18. On Bells and Cigarettes (When I have fears that I may cease to be, what would you give in exchange for your soul)

- Samson YOUNG, 楊嘉輝
Songs for Disaster Relief
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Songs for Disaster Relief: Hong Kong in Venice - A Mixtape, 楊嘉輝的賑災專輯: 香港在威尼斯 - 新曲加精選

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