'Syria Speaks is a celebration of a people determined to reclaim their dignity, freedom and self-expression. It showcases the work of over fifty artists and writers who are challenging the culture of violence in Syria. Their literature, poems and songs, cartoons, political posters and photographs document and interpret the momentous changes that have shifted the frame of reality so drastically in Syria.' - from back cover.

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Yassin al-Haj SALEH

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Hama '82
Gateways to a Scorched Land - Samar YAZBEK
Ongoing - Sulafa HIJAZI
The Thieves' Market - Ossama MOHAMMED
Lettuce Fields - Khaled KHALIFA
Revolution 2011; Chicken Liver - Khalil YOUNES
Between the Cultures of Sectarianism and Citizenship - Hassan ABBAS
Banners in the Colour of the Euphrates - Kartoneh
The Art of Persuasion, Photographs by Jens Steingasser - Alshaab Alsori AREF TAREKH, Charlotte BANK
The Symbol and Counter-Symbols in Syria - Zaher OMAREEN
Cartoons by Kagranbel - Mezar MATAR
Mystery Shopper: Interview with Assaad al-Achi - Malu HALASA
Popular Collision - Omar ALASSAD
Lens Young
A Black Cloud in a Leaden White Sky, or Death by Stabs of Sorrow - Ali SAFAR
Literature of the Syrian Uprising - Robin YASSIN-KASSAB
Loneliness Pampers Its Victims - Dara ABDULLAH
Have You Heard the Testimonies of the Photographs, about the Killings in Syria? - Fadia LAZKANI
Regarding the Pain of Others and Damascus 15 Feb 2012 19:47:31 - Jens STEINGASSER
I'm Positively Sure about the Event
Two Cartoons - Ali FERZAT
On the Intellectual and the Revolution: An Interview with Yassin al-Haj Saleh
Cocktail - Comic4Syria
Lifetimes Stolen - Yara BADR
Letter for the Future - Mazen DARWISH
Daily Occurences - Mohamad OMRAN, Golan HAJI
Song in the Revolution
Tashriqa: Prayer for Homs - Faraj BAYRAKDAR
From the Outside Looking In - Daniel GORMAN
Youssef from the Inside, Photographs by Nassouh Zaghlouleh - Youssef ABDELKE
Art & Freedom - Amer MATAR
Syria's Imperfect Cinema - Chad ELIAS
Who Wants to Kill a Million?; Top Goon: Diaries of a Little Dictator - Masasit Mati
A Plate of Salmon is Not Completely Cleansed of Blood - Rasha ABBAS
The Smartest Guy on Facebook - Aboud SAEED
Stencilling Martyrs
Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline
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Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline

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Image: Golan Haji, and Mohamad Omran, <i>Eyes</i>, 2013, poem, and ink on paper.
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