Bridging the geographical distance between East Asia and Eastern Europe, 'Taiwan Calling' features a variety of work by 29 Taiwanese artists in Budapest, Hungary. In addition to bringing Eastern specificities of artistic language and cultural traits to their audience in Europe, this exhibition attempts to investigate the construction of 'Taiwanese identity' by presenting the individualistic paths undertaken by this new generation of artists, given considerable cultural influence of China and Japan over the island country. The artists respond to the political and social circumstances at home by centring their works on language, position, identity, migration, local and global economy, and the possibilities of expressing tradition in the present.

This catalogue Taiwan Calling: Elusive Island documents one of the 'Taiwan Calling' exhibitions held at Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art from December 2010 to March 2011, focusing on artists born after World War Two and their perspectives towards issues of history, society, ethnicity, politics and culture.

With two essays, artist notes and explanatory texts in trilingual. Artists' biographies also included.




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Taiwan Calling - Elusive Island / 臺灣響起-難以名狀之島 - Róna KOPECZKY
Surprising Distinction in Chaos - Over View of the 'Elusive' Art of Young Artists in Taiwan / 混沌中驚見清晰身影-從「難以名狀」試析台灣青年藝術創作 - LIN Hsiaoyu, 林曉瑜
Taiwan Calling: Elusive Island
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Taiwan Calling: Elusive Island, 臺灣響起:難以名狀之島 | Taiwan Calling: Határtalan Sziget

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