Catalogue of solo exhibition by Tejal Shah at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai in 2006. Shah's interdisciplinary, cross-media practice articulates a subversive and playful, yet sophisticated queer-feminist identity that is somewhat distinctive in India's current art scene. According to Livia Monnet, Shah's work also 'makes a strong case for the necessity of excavating, preserving and reinterpreting the large body of discourses and representations of queer, plurally identified and same-sex desire in India's cultural traditions. For the present exhibition, Shah presents a new two-channel video installation, a set of large and small scale photographs, and sound pieces with wall text and mirrors. Moving casually between staged performances, music video, documentary and appropriation, What are You? creates a direct relationship to each subjects' experience of their own gender.

Artist biography is provided in the catalogue.

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'Queerness in/as the Strange, Prismatic Worlds of Art': Fantasy, Utopia, and Perversion in Tejal Shah's Video Installation What are You? - Livia MONNET
Tejal Shah in conversation with Johan Pijnappel
Tejal Shah: What are You?
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Tejal Shah: What Are You?