Group show of contemporary art by Dutch artists at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2 Aug-9 Oct 2000), commemorating 400 years of relations between Japan and The Netherlands (the only Western country Japan had any contact during the isolationist policy of the Edo Period). With today's increasing technological advances, urbanization and global communications redefining our perception of space and bodies, this group of artists in The Netherlands - including Japanese artist, Suchan Kinoshita - questions and re-interprets the concept of 'territory'. Includes essays and text by various writers, and biographies. With plastic case.
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Territory in a Connecting Age - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江
Urban Tribes and Their Territories - Toshiya UENO, 上野俊哉, Benjamin PERASOVIC
Bik Van Der Pol: Multiplying Concept - Mami KATAOKA, 片岡真実
The Transformation and Transfer of Territory - Mami KATAOKA, 片岡真実
Job Koelewijn: Breaking the Framework - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江
Mark Manders: Between the Real and the Imaginary Worlds - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江
Every con has its pro - Tanja ELSTGEET
Density Inspires Innovation - Marieke VAN ROOIJ
Aernout Mik: Manipulation that shakes the ground we stand on - Mami KATAOKA, 片岡真実
Jeanne van Heeswijk: Ongoing Collaboration - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江
The Boundary Line - The Breathing of Skin - Mami KATAOKA, 片岡真実
Territory: Contemporary Art From the Netherlands
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Territory: Contemporary Art From the Netherlands