As the title suggests, the present publication brings together a collection of papers presented at the above international conference on various issues concerning the running of alternative spaces in an era of globalism. The conference was held at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Studio) Hall from 10th-12th May 2004.

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Westspace: The practice of an artist run organisation - Brett JONES

The Cultural Context in Shanghai: An analysis of recent devlopments in cultural policies - BizArt from an underground to an institutional position - Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆

ddm warehouse - LIU Lulu, 劉露

Mains d'oeuvres - Magali TERIER

1aspace: In Search of Community/Museum - A Proposed Idea - Howard CHAN, 陳沛浩

Para/Site - LEUNG Chin Fung Jeff, 梁展峰

15 years of Cemeti Art House, time for chewing the cud - Mella JAARSMA

A.I.T. - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥

C.A.P. (The Conference on Art and art Projects), Kobe, Japan - Yuko OHNO

+Gallery - Nobuyuki HIRAMATSU, 平松伸之

Big Sky Mind: The other side of the Sky - Ringo BUNOAN

Substation - Bread & Circuses: Alternative Art Spaces and Recent Developments in Singapore's Cultural Policy - Audrey WONG

IT Park - CHEN Hui-Chiao, 陳慧嶠

The Current Situation and Tasks of the South Korean Alternative Space Assistance Policy - KIM Chandong, 김찬동

A potential role of the Asian art in the International Art Scene - a study of Asian art exhibitions in the United States and in Japan - Yukie KAMIYA, 神谷幸江

Attac it - Tobias BERGER

Differences and Universalness in the Modern World - Yuzo UEDA, 上田雄三

Potentialities of Asian Art and Function of Alternative Spaces in 21st Century - Chaitanya SAMBRANI

Imagine Asian Culture: The Translation of Contemporary Chinese Art under Globalisation - HUANG Du, 黃篤

Borders of the Mind... - Franklin SIRMANS

Toward the Daily Life: Chinese Art after 1990s - PI Li, 皮力

Possibilities of Liberal Writing on Asian Art - Tetsuya OZAKI, 小崎哲哉

The 2nd In-between International Conference: Globalism and Alternative Spaces
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The 2nd In-between International Conference: Globalism and Alternative Spaces

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