In contrast to FT2 which featured works using the latest technology and indigenous materials, this triennale attempts to showcase works that reflect the global/local, physical reality/vitual reality, people or groups who have different ideas and different ways of feeling living together side-by-side. As Ishida Takehisa suggests, "Indifference and incomprehension towards the different worlds result in confrontation. The artists who gaze seriously at these Parallel Realities, however, never represent their society pessimistically. Instead they try to suggest the potential of such parallel or isolated cultures and societies to mingle and resonate in harmony."

The catalogue includes a foreword by Ishida Takehisa, Director of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and individual artist statements. Selected biographies are also provided at the back of the catalogue.
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Exhibition Theme - Parallel Realities: Asian Art Now
Diving into Parallel Realities: Notes on the Theme for FT3 - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
Parallel Realities: The Art Exchange Program of FT3 - Jin MATSUURA, 松浦仁
Art Exchange Program and Artists in Residence Schedule
How Were the Artists Selected? - Toshiko RAWANCHAIKUL, ラワンチャイクン寿子

Contemporary Art Scene in Asia
Between Tradition and Technology - Quddus MIRZA
New Indian Art on the International Circuit - Suman GOPINATH
The Hand-Made Realities: A Facet of the Contemporary Sir Lankan Art - Jagath WEERASINGHE
Nepalese Art: Towards Newer Heights - Arun RANJIT
The Development of Bhutan Contemporary Art: From the Research for the 3rd Fukuoka Triennale - Yuko YAMAKI, 山木裕子
Current Art Scene in Bangladesh and Its Direction - Subir CHOUDHURY
Even S/superman can be able to come back in punk style - Po Po
Just a Fragment... - Thanavi CHOTPRADIT
The Contemporary Malaysian Art Scene: Developing New Strategies - Beverly YOUNG
Desiring Temasek - Qinyi LIM, 林沁怡
Art Scene in Laos during the Past Five Years - Kongphat LUANGRATH
The Surfacing of Cambodian Contemporary Art - Erin GLEESON
Fly Over the Chasm - TRAN Luong
A Reference for Marking Developments in Indonesian Contemporary Art - Nindityo ADIPURNOMO, Mella JAARSMA
Contemporary Art Scenario in Brunei - Zakaria Bin OMAR
Underneath the Scene - Mizuki ENDO, 遠藤水城
Mongolian Art on the Move - Dashdavaa ENKHTSETSEG
The Art of Living in 'Parallel Realities' - Lisa HORIKAWA, 堀川理沙
Taiwan: Vanishing Politics and Enduring Politics - Mio IWAKIRI, 岩切みお
The Skin and Core of Korean Art - BECK Jeesook, 백지숙
Suspicious Neighbors - Yozo YAMAGUCHI, 山口洋三

Gazing Towards Asian Contemporary Art Essays by the Selection Committee Members
'Internal Others' Save the World: The Themes of the Past Fukuoka Triennale - Hideki NAKAMURA, 中村英樹
The Emergence of Trans-Asian Art: In-between Unification and Separation - Yoshitaka MORI, 毛利嘉孝
International Exhibitions and Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale: Post-Szeemann Curation - Aomi OKABE, 岡部あおみ
In Defence of a Survey: Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale - Kianchow KWOK, 郭建超
Encompassing South Asia - Salima HASHMI
The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005 - Parallel Realities: Asian Art Now
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The 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2005 - Parallel Realities: Asian Art Now