'In The Archive and the Repertoire preeminent performance studies scholar Diana Taylor provides a new understanding of the vital role of performance in the Americas. From plays to official events to grassroots protests, performance, she argues, must be taken seriously as a means of storing and transmitting knowledge. Taylor reveals how the repertoire of embodied memory—conveyed in gestures, the spoken word, movement, dance, song, and other performances—offers alternative perspectives to those derived from the written archive and is particularly useful to a reconsideration of historical processes of transnational contact. The Archive and the Repertoire invites a remapping of the Americas based on traditions of embodied practice.

Examining various genres of performance including demonstrations by the children of the disappeared in Argentina, the Peruvian theatre group Yuyachkani, and televised astrological readings by Univision personality Walter Mercado, Taylor explores how the archive and the repertoire work together to make political claims, transmit traumatic memory, and forge a new sense of cultural identity.' -from publisher's website
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Who, When, What, Why
Acts of Transfer
Scenarios of Discovery: Reflections on Performance and Ethnography
Memory as Cultural Practice: Mestizaje, Hybridity, Transculturation
La Raza Cosmetica: Walter Mercado Performs Latino Psychic Space
False Identifications: Minority Populations Mourn Diana
'You Are Here': H.I.J.O.S. and the DNA of Performance
Staging Traumatic Memory: Yuyachkani
Denise Stoklos: The Politics of Decipherability
Lost in the Field of Vision: Witnessing September 11
Hemispheric Performances
The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas
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The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas

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