This publication is produced on the occasion of solo exhibition of Chinese artist Yun Gee held in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei from March to June 1992.

Yun Gee is an artist trained up with techniques of sketch and oil painting during his study. Being influenced by modern Western art movements, such as Cubism, Flauvism and Synchromism, the artist's style changes apparently in terms of color and spatial structure. From Yun Gee's work, it is seen how Eastern artistic style meets and merges the Western which is fundamentally different, and how the artist manipulates both to create unique and affectionate works.

Including plates of Yun Gee's works and a chronology.
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Zhu yuan zhi zuo pin zhan

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Chapter headings
Yun Gee: A Reminiscence | 憶沅芷

- Helen GEE, 朱海倫

A Journey Home | 歸鄉

- CHU Liyin, 朱禮銀

Rediscovery - Yun Gee's Art | 海外遺珠 - 朱沅芷在台回顧展

- LI Lundin, 劉俐

Yun Gee Retrospective: His Life and Art Before 1936 | 朱沅芷 1936 年前的生平暨藝術

- WANG Tehyu David, 王德育

In Search of Yun Gee, the Chinese, American, and Modernist Painter | 朱沅芷 - 中國人、美國人及現代主義畫家

- Jane C. JU, 朱靜華

The Art of Yun Gee
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The Art of Yun Gee, 朱沅芷作品展