The Artists Village (TAV) was formed within a rural-scape (or kampung) at 61-B Lorong Gambas, Ulu Sembawang in 1988. TAV engendered some of the radical shifts in generating new ways and manners of thinking and making art in the history of contemporary art in Singapore. They are also known for producing works that are conceptually challenging during a period marked by a sense of urgency and impetus for artists to critically re-look and examine existing assumptions, values and concepts of art-making. This book marks the 20th anniversary of the TAV's establishment and offers historical distance to evaluate and examine the significance of it as part of the contemporary art developments in Singapore.

Includes chronology and bibliography.
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Introduction: Locating and Positioning The Artists Village in Singapore and Beyond - Kianwoon KWOK
The Artists Village: Collaboration as Transformation - Russell STORER
Regarding Exhibitions - T.K. SABAPATHY
Re-visiting the Emergence of The Artists Village - Yujin SENG
Tang Da Wu and Contemporary Art in Singapore - C.J. Wan-ling WEE
Art Interpreting Heritage (Of Effacements, Pilgrimages, Exhumations & Effigies) - Susie LINGHAM
Sustaining Alterity in the Times of R(v)apid Changes - LEE Wen, 李文
Different Durians: Chronicling Post-Ulu in the Living Room - Jeremy HIAH, 邢萬和, Tienwei WOON, 雲天偉, Marienne YANG
The Living Room: A (Non) Space for Cross-fertilization of Ideas - Marienne YANG
The Artists Village: 20 Years On Exhibition - Curatorial Notes - Michelle HO, 何子淩, Jeremy HIAH, 邢萬和, Kai LAM, 林凱烈, Yujin SENG, Tienwei WOON, 雲天偉, Marienne YANG
The Artists Village: 20 Years On
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The Artists Village: 20 Years On

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