'This publication enquires into the role and treatment of the body in the visual culture of contemporary China and Taiwan. What meanings are assigned to the body in artistic practice, what does it represent and what (hi)stories does it refer to? Considerable importance is ascribed to the body as a means of orientation and placement; as an arena and medium of social experience.

'19 Chinese artists, theatre practitioners and theorists describe their personal experiences, put their thoughts and views up for discussion and explore how art can shed light on the individual and collective experiences that emerge in the wake of historical change and the anticipation of a newly won freedom.' (Back cover)

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Preface - Jörg HUBER
The Genealogy of the Politics of the Body in Contemporary Chinese Culture - ZHANG Nian
Fragments of the Body in Chinese Contemporary Art - ZHANG Hong, 張閎
The Politics and Poetics of the Body - GAO Shiming, 高士明
A Talk with Xiang Jing - ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
Portrayal, Definition and Reconstruction of “The Body” in Contemporary Chinese Photography - GU Zheng, 顧錚
Caught in Art’s Haze - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華
Physical Odyssey - ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
The Physical Body on the Grass Stage - LI Yinan
Physical Rebels - LI Ning, 李凝
Female Memory Begins with the Body - WEN Hui, 文慧
Theatre: Memory in Progress - WU Wenguang, 吳文光
The Body as Strategy for Action in the Taiwanese Cultural Field: Three Stages of Practice and Progress, from Martial Law, Abrogation, to the Post Martial Law Period - ZHENG Hueihua Amy, 鄭慧華
Edges of the Modernist Framework and Beyond: The Lifework of Hsieh Tehching, Hsieh Ying-Chun, Wu-Chong-Wei,Graffitist Huang, DINO and Tsai-Show-Zoo - LIN Chiwei Eric, 林其蔚
Picture Essay - Jörg HUBER, ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
Twelve Flower Months - CHEN Lingyang
A Talk with Jin Feng - ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
Discussing the Works of Xi Ya Die and Yan Xing - YANG Zi, ZHENG Bo, 鄭波
My Art and the World - LU Yang, 陸揚
An Interview - CAO Fei
A Concept of Beauty - YANG Fudong, 楊福東
The Body at Stake: Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Art and Theatre
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The Body at Stake: Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Art and Theatre