'Focusing on the living arts—dance, theatre, music, performance art, ritual, and popular entertainment—performance studies expands our understanding of "performance" as both a vital artistic practice and a means by which to understand social and cultural processes. Bridging the gap between cultural studies, performing arts, and anthropology, performance studies explores myriad ways in which performance creates meaning and shapes our everyday lives.

The broadest and most inclusive volume to date, The Ends of Performance both celebrates and critiques the institutionalisation of the field. Only recently has the field given keen attention to the interpretive force and consequences of performance events, and it is these consequences that the The Ends of Performance articulates. Here performance studies illuminates the complex social and cultural formations of our time—the impact of virtual technology, the racialised discourses of legal and cultural citizenship, the impact of new medical discourses, and the medicalisation of the body.' - from publisher's website

Includes biographies of contributors.
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Introduction: The Ends of Performance - Peggy PHELAN
Writing History/Performing Memory
History, Memory, Necrophilia - Joseph ROACH
Seeing Death: The Photography of David Wojnarowicz - Robert SEMBER
On Colonial Forgetting: The Conquest of New Mexico and Its Historia - Jill LANE
Performative Writing
Performing Writing - Della POLLOCK
Teaching 'Experimental Critical Writing' - Eve KOSOFSKY SEDGWICK
This Black Body in Question - Amanda Denise KEMP
A Fool's Discourse: The Buffoonery Syndrome - Mady SCHUTZMAN
Spare Parts - Teresa M. SENFT
Moving the Body Politics
AmeRícan Accents Syncopate the State - Doris SOMMER
Border Watching - Diana TAYLOR
Staging Crisis: Twin Tales in Moving Politics - Randy MARTIN
Bodies outside the State: Black British Women Playwrights and the Limits of Citizenship - May JOSEPH
Performance in the Field
Genre Trouble: (The) Butler Did It - Jon McKENZIE
The Mirrored Stage: Reflections on the Prsence of Sylvia [Bataille] Lacan - Jamer HUNT
Virtual Criticism and the Dance of Death - Marcia B. SIEGEL
The Bed Took up Most of the Room - Jane BLOCKER
Making New Bodies
Orlan's Performative Transformations of Subjectivity - Tanya AUGSBURG
Intervention - Orlan
Of Mice, Bugs and Women - Deb MARGOLIN
Antoher End
What Is Performance Studies Anyway? - Richard SCHECHNER
The Ends of Performance
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The Ends of Performance

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