Catalogue of joint exhibition by 33 women artists at Lemongrasshopper Art Gallery in 2006. With artist biographies and essay by Sandhya Bordewekar.

'The Female Hero: Amaterasu /Demeter /Isis /Frejya /Sedna /Artemis/Coatlicue /Tara/ Ishtar/ Shakti, celebrates the Mother Goddess who has been usually sidelined as the "Other", as compared to the more visually apparent goddesses of mainstream religions. The Mother Goddess dwells in dark caves, deep forests, atop mountains, in sanctum sanctorum dug deep into the earth. If ever there is a consort, his shrine is almost always secondary and he never steps into the shrine of the Mother Goddess. The Mother Goddess always stands alone and powerful, life-giving, but also life-destroying.' - extracted from the preface.
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Women's Art: Some Thoughts - Sandhya BORDEWEKAR

The Female Hero: Amaterasu/Demeter/Isis/Frejya/Sedna/Artemis/Coatlicue/Tara/Ishtar/Shakti
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The Female Hero: Amaterasu/Demeter/Isis/Frejya/Sedna/Artemis/Coatlicue/Tara/Ishtar/Shakti

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