This DVD is published on the occasion of 'Future of Imagination 2, An International Performance Art Event', held in December 2004. It features video documentation of the event's inaugural edition at the Substation, Singapore in 2003. The performances included are as follows:

1. Rizman Putra - Love, with Evol Kapitan at Armenian St.
2. Lee Wen - Today
3. Rainer Gerburzyk - Aim
4. Felicia Low and Helmi Fita - Simultaneously
5. Andree Weschler - Story to Make the Little Hoods Blush
6. Lee Sze Chin - Hello. Welcome to the Future of Imagination.
7. Jeremy Hiah - Fall of the Triple Tower. Blood for Oil. Oil for Painting.
8. Agnes Yit - untitled
9. Juliana Yasin (in collaboration with Karee Dahl & Colin Reaney) - How Far Would You Travel to See Art?
10. Lin Kai Lie - untitled
11. Jason Lim - Foreign Talent - Singapore Loves Me and I Love You Too.

Note: The accompanying booklet is available at EXS.SIN.FOI.2003. The original DVD packaging is available upon request, please ask library staff for assistance.
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The Future of Imagination - Live Art Meeting 2003