'The present volume investigates the process of global art production and art consumption and the extent to which it is prompting a critical reevaluation of the notion of mainstream art. The project GAM - Global Art and the Museum was initiated by ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany, with the aim to explore the impact of art's globalization on art museums, their audiences, and the art market. Whereas the art market, like its new clientele of collectors from many parts of the world, acts on a global scale, art museums, but also ethnographic museums, operate within a local framework where they encounter audiences from most diverse cultures and societies.' (Back Cover, The Global Art World: Audiences, Markets, and Museums)
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Contemporary Art as Global Art: A Critical Estimate - Hans BELTING
Global Art: Rewritings, Transformations, and Translations. Thoughts on the Project GAM - Peter WEIBEL
The New Geography of Art
Marketing Diference: The Balkans on Display - Louisa AVGITA
Geopolitics of Global Art: The Reinvention of Latin America as a Geoaesthetic Region - Joaquín BARRIENDOS
Contemporary Art of Africa: Coevalness in the Global World - Thomas FILLITZ
Contradictions in Time-Space: Spanish Art and Global Discourse - Miguel Á. HERNÁNDEZ-NAVARRO
A Place to Go: The Sharjah Biennial - Jack PERSEKIAN
How Global Art Transforms Ethnic Art - Laymert Garcia dos Santos
Mapping Art Museums Today
The Museu AfroBrasil in Sao Paulo: A New Museum Concept - Emanoel ARAÚJO
Contemporary African Art in the British Museum - Claude ARDOUIN
Corporate Museums in Istanbul - Savas ARSLAN
The Tate Effect - T.J. DEMOS
Government, Business, and People: Museum Development in Asia - HO Hingkay Oscar, 何慶基
Museum sceneries in Latin America - Angel KALENBERG
A University Museum in Manila: The Ateneo Art Gallery - Ramon E.S. LERMA
Memory in Chile and Paraguay: Two Art Museums in Latin America - Justo Pastor MELLADO
Museums as Contact Zones: Struggles between Curators and Local Arists in Japan - Masaaki MORISHITA
Curating Contradictions: 'Graft' in the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale - Colin RICHARDS
A New Setting for the Contemporary: A University Museum in Mexico City - Rafael Sámano RAO
Addendum: The MuAC and Its Initial Encounter with Its Publics - Karen Cordero REIMAN
Contemporary Art in Ethnographic Museums - Mirjam SHATANAWI
Museum Politics and Nationalism in Singapore - Eugene TAN, 陳維德
The Global Art World: Audiences, Markets, and Museums
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The Global Art World: Audiences, Markets, and Museums

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