This publication is the outcome of a project by the Hong Kong Arts Centre inviting professional photographers and photographic artists to explore the theme of the coming of 1997. Its aim is to gather images that reflect the situation in Hong Kong and the lives of its inhabitants before and after 1997 for future research. Two exhibitions and several seminars were arranged as part of the project, with a total of 31 participating photographers.

With poems by Leung Ping Kwan and essays by Wong Wo Bik, Yvonne Lo, S.Y. Lee, Desmond Hui and Leung Ping Kwan. Biographies of the photographers are included.

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Jiu qi ying qing: dang dai xiang gang zhi shi jue tan suo 1990-1996

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變遷中的香港:「當代香港之視覺探索」1990 - 96 / A Metropolis: Hong Kong in Transition - Visual Research into Contemporary Hong Kong 1990-96

- WONG Wobik, 王禾璧

1950年後香港紀實攝影的發展 / The Development of Documentary Photography in Hong Kong Since 1950

- Yvonne Yuenman LO, 盧婉雯

香港視覺人類學:現實及其再現 / Towards a Visual Anthropology in Hong Kong: Realities and Their Representation

- S.Y. LEE, 李筱儀

必須性的建築──論香港都市空間和形式 / The Architecture of Necessity: On City Form and Space in Hong Kong

- Desmond HUI, 許焯權

都市文化:空間、身分與「再現」的政治 / Urban Culture: Space, Identity and the Politics of Representation

- LEUNG Pingkwan, 也斯

The Metropolis: Visual Research into Contemporary Hong Kong 1990-1996
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The Metropolis: Visual Research into Contemporary Hong Kong 1990-1996, 九七影情:當代香港之視覺探索1990-1996