Catalogue published in conjunction with the photography exhibition 'The Other & Me' at the Sharjah Art Museum from May to June 2014. The exhibition showcases works by 30 photography artists from 26 countries.

'Through the photography and its background, related to Islamic Civilisation, one may reflect upon the perception of the other, with his different culture, We may go deeper in viewing "The other and me" as an exhibition and theme through the western visual perspective and semantic significance of this civilisation, in a space of human dialogue between the Islamic and western cultures. However, it was not a perspective that could be separated from the dreaming ambitious and critical lens of the artist.

The photograph, in its essence, from the film slide to the digital photo, has had its deep impact on the cultural product and social reality. We find other urgent subjects such as desires and human existence. This exhibition reflects to a large extent the desire to shoot the aesthetic moment with its intellectual and semantic background, recording the artistic values to be established by the skill of the professional artists in fixing the lens and, consequently, the scene, and, eventually, the affective output.' - excerpt from the introduction

Works in the exhibition are divided into five sections: Construction & Reconstruction, Landscapes (outside), Human Existence (we and the others), Desire & their themes, and Social Criticism.

Includes photographic documentation of various workshops organised during the period of the exhibition.
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Submersible - Christopher PINNEY

Exposing Affectivity in Photography - Woodman Taylor

The Other & Me: International Photography Exhibition
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The Other & Me: International Photography Exhibition